image showing two people figures climbing above their feelings and beliefs and other Mental Health Barriers Colorado TMS


Top 10 Barriers to Connection

When people come to us with a problem, it’s easy to lapse into behaviors that—although usually well-meaning—serve to block us from hearing the other person’s experience. We’d be better off following the words of this inside-out saying: “Don’t just do something; stand there”…and try not to:  1. Counsel. Seek not to advise solutions (until asked)… Read more »

image with words describing Self Acceptance in red and green colors Colorado TMS


Self-Acceptance is an Action

Imagine you are standing in front of a full-length mirror. Naked. You havebeen asked to gaze at yourself for two minutes.Now take a quick inventory of the feelings that were aroused by thissuggestion. Did you feel curious or afraid? Interested or hesitant? Willing orunwilling? Or did you reject the whole idea as something you wouldabsolutely… Read more »